F/V Timberwolf

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Captain Jaime Risser is another young fisherman out of Point Judith. He runs a big, seaworthy lobster boat and surfs in Rhody and all over the world. He brings us really nice off-shore lobsters, jonah crabs and red crabs as well as underutilized species such as conger eel and ling.

He takes really good care of everything he catches and when on land he morphs into a master griller of lobsters/ creator of fluke teriyaki.


Photos from Left to Right: Captain Jaime at the Grill during the "Blessing of the Fleet", Raw Fluke in Teriyaki sauce

F/V Tradition

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Captain Aaron Williams owns and operates this sweet Point Judith dragger and he is serious about the handling of fish onboard his vessel. He bleeds and ice slurries the top of his catch making it prime for the eating. His flukes have the whitest bellies! Aaron is a third generation fisherman from Rhode Island / Connecticut. He and his crew are young and they are go-getters. Who says there is no next generation in fishing? Aaron, his family and friends are staples in Point Judith. They have awesome barbeques at their house and cook tons of delicious seafood. 


Whole Fluke and Black Sea Bass used for Ceviche (right) caught by this here boat. 

F/V Umiak

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The F/V Umiak (Eskimo word for "wooden fishing canoe") is a clean, mean lobster and crab machine. Captain Don Deberardino II runs a super tight ship and he is just plain awesome. I love working with Don because he takes a lot of pride in his catch. He never sells shedder lobsters, only the best hardshells are sold to his customers. He gives the shedders away to his neighbors! Don D is always exploring new types of crabs to market, for example his delicious sand crabs native to Point Judith. Don also hook and line and spear fishes (diving) for the really seasonal species such as Striped Bass and Tautog. All around the Umiak is a very special boat in this port.


You could eat a lobster dinner off the floor of this boat, thats how clean she is!!!

F/V Nancy Beth

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The F/V Nancy Beth is another awesome dayboat out of Point Jude, RI. The Nancy Beth is owned and operated by Captain Aaron Gewirtz. Captain Aaron supplies us with super well-handled underutilized species such as dogfish (both smooth and spiny) and sea robins. We love that stuff, so keep on bringing us the goods!

FV Nancy Beth all tied up in her slip.

F/V Tiger Jo

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The F/V Tiger Jo is one of my favorite boats in the sea. It's old school style and multipurpose net gear (gillnet AND small trawl nets) make the boat suitable for fishing various species in the same trip. Captain Terry Mulvey is the owner/captain of this boat and he runs a tight ship! No flaker on this boat, beside the fact that it takes up too much space, Terry likes to make sure everyone is working hard for the money. Terry targets Monk and Skate in the spring and fall. During the summer he catches a little bit of everything. I will never forget the day that I went fishing with these guys and got bitten by a baby monkfish. In the early morning light off the back of Block Island we listened to loud classical music as the dawn was breaking. Magic! But definitely very hard work.

F/V Oceana

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Captain Dean Pesante is the ruler of this ship. He had this steel dayboat gillnet boat custom built for him. Most gillnet boats have the wheelhouse fore of the anchor and net. On his boat the nets and anchors are being hauled up in the front of the boat. The Oceana is a seaworthy beast that can manage in treacherous waters with it's rolling hull. We love to buy everything from fluke, porgies, bluefish and dogfish from Dean as well as the more seasonal varieties like Black Sea Bass, Tautog and Monk.

    Thanks to Dean for supplying our fish since the very beginning!